Childproof bag-HEMP&CBD EXPO


During preparing the CBD EXPO, we ANKE Packing( also contact with some CBD manufacturer to learn what packing they are using, and what they want to find. Most of them told us they prefer childproof packing. It will be safety to children, and this will also be the trend of this market. All of our bottles, jars, bags have childproof style. Now, let's say something about the childproof bags.

We have three childproof methods for the bag-Pinch bag, Pull bag and Locker bag. All of them will be showed on our booth, welcome to come and try them.

The bags can be made of plastic and brown paper. We'll attach film both inside and outside. The inside film can make the bag air tight, so it can protect the CBD product in the bag. The outside film can make the bag look nice and also protect the printing.

Would you like to try this bag? Come to F10 to meet ANKE Team(!

Post time: Feb-26-2019